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Biodynamic Books

Commentary on Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course by Paul W. Scharff, MD

In these eight lectures, Dr. Scharff offers a profound overview of biodynamic methods, including the philosophy and esoteric foundations, as well as the most practical matters. He delves deeply into the biodynamic preparations discussed by Rudolf Steiner in his Agriculture Course, exploring each one individually:

  • 500 – manure placed in the sheath of a horn
  • 501 – silica placed in the sheath of a horn
  • 502 – yarrow placed in the sheath of a bladder
  • 503 – chamomile placed in the sheath of an intestine
  • 504 – nettle placed in the sheath of peat-earth
  • 505 – oak bark placed in the sheath of a skull
  • 506 – dandelion placed in the sheath of the mesentery
  • 507 – valerian scattered in the sheath of the air

For those who are interested in or are wish to practice biodynamic farming or gardening methods, this collection of eight lectures by Dr. Paul Scharff will become an invaluable companion and guide.

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