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About Formative Forces in the Plant World by Dick van Romunde

Guided by the works of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner, Dick van Romunde’s plant studies lead “the reader step-by-step into the observation of plants” in a way that is “truly ‘Goethean’.” (Erntz Katz, “Preface”) The Goethean approach differs from that found in many other nature guides because is engages more than just our senses and intellect: it allows us to achieve true intimacy with the plant world. Van Romunde’s consideration of forms and formative forces in the plant world starts with a focus on leaf forms (parallel veined structures, radiant veined structures, and feather veins); turns to a consideration of the calyxes and involucra formed in the transition from leaves to flowers; and ends by focusing on flower forms (petals as compared to sepals and leaves, multilateral symmetry, and bilateral symmetry). This discussion is complemented wonderfully by the many beautiful and inspiring color drawings of Elly van Hardeveld.

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