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Applied Biodynamics

Periodical "Applied Biodynamics" Back Issues 51-96

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Winter 2005–2006, Issue No. 51

  • Biodynamics Brings the Gift of Learning to the Garden – Q. & A. with L. A. Rotheraine (P. Smith)
  • Saving Tomato Seeds Using Valerian (Rotheraine Method)
  • Vineyard Managers and Winemakers Convene at JPI

Spring 2006, Issue No. 52

  • Answering the Call, Finding a “Cure” with Biodynamics (H. Courtney)
  • Katrina in vitro (R. Amedee)
  • Easter Pilgrimage (M. Runyon)
  • Saying Goodbye (P. Smith)

Summer 2006, Issue No. 53

  • An Interview with Peter Proctor (H. Francis)
  • From the Executive Director (H. Courtney)
  • Greetings from Your Guest Editor (H. Francis)

Fall 2006, Issue No. 54

  • Growing Biodynamically at Blueberry Gardens (K. LeBeau)
  • Publication Future for Applied Biodynamics (H. Courtney)
  • Introducing the East Coast Editor for Applied Biodynamics – Kara LeBeau
  • The Secrets of Metals By Wilhelm Pelikan Is Back in Print!

Winter 2006–2007, Issue No. 55

  • Honoring the Cow (H. Courtney)
  • On the Harvesting of the Preparation Sheaths (H. Courtney)

Spring 2007, Issue No. 56

  • Taking Time for Food and Agriculture: The Slow Food Movement through the Eyes of Biodynamics (H. Francis)
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Courtney: 1940–2007 (N. Franceschelli)
  • New Fund for JPI
  • A Field is a Teacher (S. Carson)
  • Genetically-Modi ed Genes Found in Honeybees (C. Korrow)

Summer 2007, Issue No. 57

  • Feeding a Family the Biodynamic Way (L. Ablieter)
  • Healing a Wounded Woodland (M. Mihok)
  • New Sequential Spray Initiative for Michaelmas (J. Greene)
  • Worldwide Communal Biodynamic Spray Initiated (C. Korrow)
  • Participating in the St. John’s Day Worldwide Spray Initiative (N. Poer, G. Poer)

Fall 2007, Issue No. 58

  • Touring the Mediterranean: A Biodynamic Odyssey (H. Francis) Meditative Thoughts for Autumn (R. Steiner)
  • The Elizabeth Scott Courtney Memorial Fund
  • The Biodynamic Trade Association is Here! (H. Francis)
  • New Preparation Making Initiative in Kentucky (L. Riccardi)
  • How to Save the World: One Man, One Cow, One Planet (Reviewed by C. Korrow)

Winter 2007–2008, Issue No. 59

  • Vortex Forms and Midwinter Spirals (J. Blackwood)
  • Pfeiffer BD Field and Garden Spray – A New Name for the Pfeiffer BD Field Spray
  • Meditative Thoughts for a Beef Animal Before Slaughter for Meat and Biodynamic Preparations (N. Poer)
  • Goodbye Quackgrass (C. Korrow)
  • Evergreen Elm: Achieving Success With the Help of the Pfeiffer
  • BD Field and Garden Spray
  • Gena Nonini Initiates University Course in Biodynamics (H. Francis)
  • Michaelmas Gathering at JPI Introduces Scouts to Biodynamics JPI Open House - August 25, 2007
  • In Memoriam: Peter Dukich (1915–2007) (H. Francis)
  • A Note of Thanks (M. Maruca)

Spring 2008, Issue No. 60

  • Tierra Miguel: Sharing the Fruits of Biodynamics in Southern California (H. Francis)
  • Biodynamic Preparations Conference: A Conference Report (L. Nelson, M. Proctor)
  • Marjorie Spock: 1904–2008 (J. Greene)
  • Of Farmers and Fairies (M. Spock)
  • The Biodynamic Year: Increasing Yield, Quality and Flavour by Maria Thun; Edited by Angelika Throll-Keller (H. Francis)

Summer 2008, Issue No. 61

  • Insights into Hugo Erbe’s Cow Stomach Preparation
  • Vineyard Consultant Puts Cow Stomach Preparation (HUGO ERBE #5) To Work (H. Courtney)
  • The Cow Stomach Preparation (W. J. Harris, L. Nelson)
  • Preparation Making at the Josephine Porter Institute (J. Greene)
  • Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)
  • Extraordinary Plant Qualities for Biodynamics by Jochen Bockemuhl and Kari Jarvinen (C. Korrow)

Fall 2008, Issue No. 62

  • Reflections on Biodynamics and Its Significance for the Future by Dr. Manfred Klett (H. Francis)
  • Northern Idaho Grows Biodynamic Growers (M. Barbarie) Fiscal Reality Revisited

Winter 2008–2009, Issue No. 63

  • Restoring a Useful Legacy from Ehrenfried Pfeiffer (H. Courtney)
  • Farmer-to-Farmer Advisory Service Questionnaire Books and Lectures by Pfeiffer Available from JPI

Spring 2009, Issue No. 64

  • Working in the Midst of Polarity: Manfred Klett’s Further Reflections on Biodynamics (H. Francis)
  • Viroqua Biodynamic Group: Preparation Making in Southwestern Wisconsin (M. Halligan, S. Adams)
  • Schubert, Brahms and . . . Biodynamics, A New CD Schubert and Brahms [performed by] Brigitte Armenier, piano, With text “Between Music and Biodynamic Agriculture” (C. Korrow)

Summer 2009, Issue No. 65

  • Biodynamic Ashing at Sophia’s Garden – Weaving Together Biodynamics, Healing Medicinal Herbs, The Zodiac and Cosmic Dance (C. Korrow)
  • Commentary on Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course by Enzio Nastati (H. Courtney)
  • Reflections on the Fall 2008 Preparation Making Workshop (M. Mihok)
  • JPI to Accept Applications for Executive Director (G. Nonini)

Fall 2009, Issue No. 66

  • Growing the Biodynamic Wine Industry in California: An Interview with Philippe Armenier (H. Francis)
  • Biodynamic Farming and Preparation Making in Japan (B. Campbell)
  • Faye’s Freeform Kale and Radish (A. Morgan)
  • Harvey Lisle, Spiritual Scientist 1915–2009 (C. Korrow)
  • Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)

Winter 2009–2010, Issue No. 67

  • How to Make BD #508 (Equisetum arvense) Horsetail Tea (P. Smith)
  • Fields of Gold Farm Keeps Blight at Bay With Use of BD #508 (Equisetum arvense) (P. Smith, H. Courtney)
  • Sulfur Influence of BD #508 and Climate Control? (P. Smith)
  • Kentucky Farmer Has Many Uses For BD #508 (Equisetum arvense) (P. Smith)

Spring 2010, Issue No. 68

Revealing the Hidden Forces of Equisetum arvense (H. Courtney)
Spray BD #508 – For Use on Foliage: Standard Instructions (E. Pfeiffer)
BD #508 Fermented Recipe (L. Kolisko)

Summer 2010, Issue No. 69

Frey Vineyards: Cultivating Biodynamics in an Evolving Social Organism (H. Francis interviews L. Frey)
Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)
Harmonizing Preparation of Hugo Erbe Now Available (H. Courtney)
New Book Titles Just Arrived – Deep Gardening: Soul Lessons from 17 Gardens, Biodynamic Memories by Woody Wodraska and Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation by Patricia Damery
Other Newly Acquired Titles – Metamorphosis: Evolution in Action by Andreas Suchantke and Wisdom of the Bees: Principles for Biodynamic Beekeeping by Erik Berrevoets (Reviews from book jacket excerpt and H. Courtney)

Autumn 2010, Issue No. 70

Looking to the Future for JPI (H. Courtney)
Social and Environmental Importance of Biodynamic Preparations-Based Research (C. Courter)
Bringing Biodynamic Research to My Own Backyard (C. Courter)
Cindi Courter, New East Coast Editor for Applied Biodynamics Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)
Ruth Kempf, PhD, Professional Researcher and Biodynamic
Practitioner, Joins JPI Board of Directors (H. Courtney)

Winter 2010–2011, Issue No. 71

Biodynamics Taking Root in the Legendary Napa Valley (An Interview by H. Francis)
Welcoming a New Executive Director (H. Courtney)
In Memory of Kent Carson: April 5, 1949–December 31, 2010 (H. Courtney)
Expanding Biodynamic Horizons: Biodynamic Compound Preparations (H. Courtney)

Spring 2011, Issue No. 72

How Do the Preparations Help In a Large-Scale Kentucky Farming Operation? – An Interview with Philip Lyvers and Laura Riccardi Lyvers (C. Courter)
Notes and News from the Executive Director (S. Hulbert)
Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)
We Need Your Help Picking Dandelions!

Summer 2011, Issue No. 73

Biodynamics in the Breadbasket: An Interview with Fred Kirschenmann (H. Francis)
JPI Executive Director Resigns
A Heart-Warming Gathering in the Cold of Winter (A. Porter)

Autumn 2011, Issue No. 74

Putting a Spin on SPIN-Farming® and Taking Biodynamics to the City (A. Porter Interviews Linda Borghi)
A Message from Our New Board Member (A. Porter) Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)
Book Reviews – Newly Received Titles: The Biodynamic Farm: Developing a Holistic Organism by Karl-Ernst Osthaus and Biodynamics in Practice: Life on a Community Owned Farm, Impressions of Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch, Sussex, England by Tom Petherick (H. Courtney)

Winter 2011–2012, Issue No. 75

Sensitive Crystallization: Revealing the Life-Forces Behind Biodynamics (H. Francis Interviews Philippe Coderey)
The Scientific Basis of Biodynamics (J. Bradshaw)
The Fellowship of Preparation Makers 2012 Annual Conference
Book Reviews – Newly Received Titles: Sensitive Crystallization – Visualizing the Qualities of Wines by Christian Marceland Pfeiffer’s Introduction to Biodynamics by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer (H. Courtney)

Spring 2012, Issue No. 76

Dandelion, Messenger of Heaven (A. Porter)
The Dandelion Compost Preparation: BD #506 (A. Porter Interviews Hugh Courtney)

Summer 2012, Issue No. 77

Keys to Good Farming with Jim Barausky (H. Francis)
Why Biodynamics Works (J. Bradshaw)
Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)

Autumn 2012, Issue No. 78

Chamomile: The Healer for People and Plants (A. Porter interviews H. Courtney)
Happy Birthday to Hugh! A Milestone for Hugh Courtney and JPI (A. Porter)
JPI Welcomes Mark Ellenbogen to the Board of Directors Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us? (A. Porter)

Winter 2012–2013, Issue No. 79

Finding Rhythm and Meaning in Fields of Biodynamic Grain (H. Francis Interviews John de Rosier) Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (H. Courtney)

Spring 2013, Issue No. 80

Earth, Water, Air, and Fire: Working with the Elements and the Cosmos (A. Porter Interviews Sherry Wildfeuer) JPI Fall Intensive, 2012 (A. Porter)

Summer 2013, Issue No. 81

Biodynamics in the Sacred Hoop: Enlivening Native American Soil through Buffalo (H. Francis Interviews Devon Strong) Oregon Hosts Twelfth Annual FOPM Conference (P. Frazier) Meet the JPI Staff (A. Porter)

Autumn 2013, Issue No. 82

JPI Has Expanded Its Operations (A. Porter) The Valerian Preparation (BD #507) Revisited (A. Porter)

Winter 2013-2014, Issue No. 83

Mile High Biodynamics and New Horizons with Pat Frazier (H. Francis Interview Pat Frazier) Enzo Nastati Comes to North America (P. Frazier) JPI Update (A. Porter)

Spring 2014, Issue No. 84

The Hack Family Farm Organism (A. Porter Interview Ulrich Hack) Response to “The Valerian Preparation (BD #507) Revisited” (A. Porter) 2013 Enzo Nastati Workshop in Colorado (C. von Gontard) JPI at EcoFarm Conference (P. Frazier) Book Reviews-Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life by Craig Holdrege and How to Move Like a Gardener: Planting and Preparing Medicines from Plants by Deb Soule (A. Porter)

Summer 2014, Issue No. 85

Silica and its Planetary Forces of Potemtial (H. Francis Interview Dennis Klocek) Making and Using BD #501 (Horn Silica) (H. Francis) Farming for Health: 2014 Biodynamic Conference JPI Hosts Spring Preparation Workshop (P. Frazier) JPI Welcomes Joseph Brinkley and Christopher Hammon to the Board

Fall/Winter 2014-15, Issue No. 86

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer: Enlivening the Soil for Health (A. Porter) Ehrenfried Pfeiffer: A Brief Biography (H. Francis) Letter from JPI President, JPI Update (P. Frazier) The City with Golden Garbage (reprint of article by A.W. Martinez from May 31, 1952 issue of Collier’s magazine) Steiner on the Use of Human Manure (A.Porter) Frequently Asked Questions: Applying the Preparations Winter Application of Biodynamic Tree Paste (A. Porter) In Memory of Ruth Zinniker and KK Haspel (A. Porter) Review- Dancing with Thoreau, DVD (A. Porter) In 2015 Applied Biodynamics transitioned from a shorter quarterly publication to a longer biannual publication.

Spring/Summer 2015, Issue No. 87 (20 pages)

Towards a Wholeness of Nature with Composting and Chromatography (H. Francis interviews Bruno Follador) Nature’s Life and Flow: The Farmer as Observer (K. DavisBrown) The Light Root (Dioscorea batatas): Human Consciousness and Health (B. Scott) Beginning Biodynamics for the Backyard Gardener (A. Porter) New-Beginning Biodynamic Kits Anecdotes: Pfeiffer Biodynamic Field and Garden Spray (A. Porter) JPI Spring Workshop: Making Spring Preparations. Compost and Chromatography with Bruno Follador (A. Porter) Book Reviews: The Light Root: Nutrition of the Future, A Spiritual- Scientific Study by Ralf Roessner and Clemens Hildebrandt A Monk in the Bee Hive: A Short Discourse on Bees, Monks & Sacred Geometry by Skye Ann Louise Taylor

Fall/Winter 2015-2016, Issue No. 88 (22 pages)

Reconnecting with the Forces of Nature: Festivals and Healing Substances (A. Porter Interviews Basil Williams, DO) The Honoring of the Elementals with the Festival Sprays (A. Porter with Dr. Basil Williams) Epiphany Meditation The Season When the Earth is the Most Inwardly Alive: Biodynamic Practice September - March (K. Davis-Brown) Building Your Farm Strength, Conversations with Jamie Fochuk (H. Francis) FAQ: Compost (A. Porter) Anecdotes: Mac Mead’s Winter Burial of Seeds Demeter Hosts Biodynamic Garden and Lounge at National Heirloom Exposition JPI Volunteer Days, Holiday Gift Suggestions

Spring/Summer 2016, Issue # 89 (24 pages)

Fellowship of the Preparation Makers Holds Meeting in California, “Making Visible Formative Forces within Substance” and Harvard Divinity School “The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture (H. Francis) JPI 2015 Year in Review (P. Frazier) “The Most Distant Reaches of the Universe” – Biodynamic Practice April Through September (K. Davis-Brown) Silica: FAQ-BD #501(Horn Silica) and BD #508 (Equisetum): When to use and how to make (P. Frazier) Anecotes-Horn Silica (A. Porter) On Stirring BD #501 (K. Davis-Brown) Using Horn Manure (BD #500) When Seeding &Transplanting, A Pfeiffer Student Research Project (C. St. John) Sequential Spray of Biodynamic Preparations to Balance Weather Extremes (A. Porter) New: Sequential Spray Kits

Fall/Winter 2016-2017, Issue No. 90, (24 pages)

Community Farm of Ann Arbor: A Healing Center, Interview with Paul Bantle & Anne Elder (A. Porter) In Memory of Trauger Groh Prepping for Resilient Community: Grafting to Our Native Rootstock (S. McFadden) Reflections on Biodynamic Community Building in New Mexico (P. Frazier) Marion Farms Biodynamic Spirits (H. Francis) A Visit to the Goetheanum Garden Park (H. Francis) Farewell to Our Editor Hunter Francis (A. Porter) Dandelion Thank you Verse for Farmers & Verse for the Michael Age by Rudolf Steiner Announcing: JPI Fall Compost and Chromatography Workshop with Bruno Follador, JPI Volunteer Days for Fall Preparations, and Fellowship of Preparation Makers Conference

Spring/Summer 2017, Issue No. 91 (24 pages)

Threshold Farm ― Fundamental Biodynamics, Interview with orchardist Hugh Williams and Hanna Bail (M. Biltonen) Fruit Thinning for Balance, Taking Cuttings for Grafting History, Impact, and Fate of Skyline Organic Farm in Topanga Canyon: A Conversation with Stefan Hagopian (K. Moneymaker) Spring and Summer Use of the Biodynamic Preparations (A. Porter) Transition, Hope, and Service to Community: Reflections Upon 2016 at JPI (P. Frazier) JPI Search for New Executive Leadership (P. Frazier) JPI Board of Director News (P. Frazier) Call for Board Members Welcome New Editors World Biodynamic Farming Day

Fall/Winter 2017, Issue No. 92 (28 pages)

Jack McAndrew, Master Compost Maker (A. Porter) Farmer Jack’s Protocol for Making Compost (A. Porter) “Inch By Inch, Row By Row” Jack McAndrew Speaks About Biodynamics (K. Moneymaker) Wild Apples, Hard Cider, and Biodynamic Preparations: Mike Biltonen Interviews Eric Shatt (M. Biltonen) Fall and Winter Biodynamic Practices (A. Porter) New Pruning Practices on the Western Slope (M. Maruca) Viva La Vida Foundation: Biodynamic Education at the Foot of Lamborn Mountain (M.Maruca) JPI Hosts World Farming Day (P. Frazier) In Memory of Dr. Basil Williams (1939-2017) JPI News (P. Frazier) Board Members Attend Fellowship of Preparation Makers Conference in Canada Farm Improvements Congratulations and Farewell to Cynthia Bowman Welcome to Our Newest Board Member Fall/Winter 2017, Issue No. 92 (cont.) Cosmos, Earth and Nutrition: The Biodynamic Approach to Agriculture by Richard Thornton Smith (M.Biltonen) JPI Annual Fall Workshop with Wali Via

Spring/Summer 2018, Issue No. 93 (24 pages)

Global Climate Change in a Nutshell, and What You Can Do (M. Biltonen) Remembrance Farms: How One Farmer Works with Change (M. Biltonen) Climate Change On Biodynamic Farms: Survey Responses From Backyard Hobby Gardening to a New Passion for a Healthy Earth—An Education in Awareness (M. Reisbord) Climate Change Debate; Can We Turn Down the Heat? (D. Klocek) Climate: Soul of the Earth, by Dennis Klocek (Reviewed by M. Maruca) JPI News (P. Frazier) Introducing Our Newest Board Member: Pamela Sophiajohn Call for Board Members Upcoming Events Dandelion Blossoms Sought World Biodynamic Farming Day


Fall/Winter 2018, Issue No. 94 (24 pages)

 Saving Seeds for Security and Vitality: Three Perspectives from Harald Hoven, Beth and Natham Corymb, and Steven Adams (A. Porter); How I Came to Save Seeds and the Tools I Use (M. House); Increasing Tomato Seed Viability with Valerian (BD 507): L.A. Rotheraine's Approach; In Memory of Peter Proctor: August 28, 1928- June 8, 2018 One Man, One Cow, One Planet (M. Maruca); Seed Savers Resources; What's New at JPI? Take a Look... (P. Frazier); The Invisible Power Within Foods: A Comparison of Organic and Nonorganic by A.A. Danzer Reviewed by Mary Maruca


Spring Summer 2019, Issue No. 95 (24 pages)

Rose Hill's Transition from Conventional to Biodynamic Orchards: A Work in Progress (M. Biltonen); Biodynamic Tools for Weather Extremes (A. Porter); A Biodynamic Farm's Response to Climate Change (S. Hagopian); Climate Change on Biodynamic Farms: Survey Responses; Permadynamics: JPI's Marriage of Permaculture and Biodynamics (P. Frazier); Honoring Pierre Masson; The Seed Underground Book Review (M. Maruca); Humans and Seeds (L.A. Rotheraine)


Fall Winter 2019, Issue No. 96 (24 pages)

How Do We Meet the Need for Healthy Food and More Farms? (A. Porter); Stony Ridge Farm: Transitioning to a Market Garden (A. Porter); If Farming Isn't Always Good Vibes and Friendly Fairies, Is It Still Worth It? (N. McGill); Winter Green: A Model for Future Farms (A. Porter); For the Earth as for Human Beings: Mac Mead on Making the Biodynamic Preparations (K. Brown); In Memory of Alex Podolinsky (M. Maruca); Permadynamics: Conceptual Marriage of Permaculture and Biodynamics in Farm Design Introduced at JPI (P. Frazier); Introducing Our Newest Board Member: Teresa O'Shaughnessy, Secretary



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