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• The Promise of Biodynamics | March 23-24, 2019

January 22, 2019

Last year we discussed the Promise of Biodynamics broadly as it applies to orchards and vineyards. This year we’ll delve deeper into specific practices and aspects, including the planetary influences on plant and preps, the nature of a closed system farm, and energy systems. Of course, we will cover the basics on Day 1 to give everyone a background on the history and practices of biodynamics. However, we will quickly move to a detailed discussion of specific concepts and practices. This year’s course will be divided into two days and lunch will NOT be provided as part of the cost.

Location: Know Your Roots 6031 Brook Road, Trumansburg, NY
Cost: $100 for both days, includes cost of all materials.
For more information visit https://knowyouroots.com/ or call 845-674-5124


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