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Past Event:Synchronized Stir and Spray, April 25th & 26th, 2020

January 14, 2020

With all the chaos and uncertainty in the world, we encourage everyone to spray the biodynamic preparations more frequently to help balance and heal the Earth and to nourish the Elemental Beings and life processes that we are dependent on.
Please join us in a synchronized, global community “stir and spray” planned for Earth/Root days Saturday evening, April 25 and Sunday morning, April 26. The more people who bring their intention to caring for the Earth and all her beings, to create a better world, the more powerful the wave of healing energy encircling the planet will be.
On Saturday evening, stir and spray BD 500 and Sunday at sunrise, stir and spray BD 501. If you want to take the opportunity to spray all the preparations out this weekend you can include BC (Barrel Compost) with the evening spray of 500 and include BD 508 Equisetum (horsetail) tea with the morning spray of 501. All of the preparations needed for an acre or less are available in the Sequential Spray Kit available at JPI (https://jpibiodynamics.org/collections/biodynamic-preparations/products/sequential-spray-kit-1).

The next, synchronized spray will be on the annual Whitsun World Biodynamic Day/weekend Saturday May 30 and Sunday 31.
More information from the Merry Prepstirs:

WHEN TO SPRAY Though many people spray "after 3pm" this is not the beginning of the cosmic in-breathing time except on specific days and only during specific seasons. For example, in summer, the soil is almost certainly NOT yet cooling nor contracting at 3pm, but in winter, the soil almost certainly will begin to cool by that time of day.

We want to spray out 500 when the soil is contracting, which means when the air pressure is switching from negative (expansive) pressure to positive (contracting) pressure. If we spray something out strictly at 3pm, most of it will evaporate. These conditions are extremely local. If you have an overcast day, you can't rely on a recipe. If you have an unseasonably warm front moving in during the evening, a 500 spray will not be drawn into the soil as it should. Likewise, a cold front moving in at dawn will not help 501 move up and out over a garden. It is far more important to be sensitive to local conditions.

When soil cools, it contracts. When air heats, it expands.

To put it as simply as possible: is the soil cooling off? You can spray 500. Is the soil warming up? You can spray 501. A good general rule is this: are shadows starting to fall across the farm? You can spray 500. Conversely, is light starting to hit the soil? You can spray 501, or about the time the dew begins to dry. This will all be different depending on your altitude or whether you have hills surrounding you (or even trees). Discard dogma. Your local conditions are paramount.

THE PREPARATIONS BD #500 prep contains immense ethereal and astral forces. If you are fortunate to have BD500XP then you have a 20 minute stir, otherwise the standard 1-hour stir.

BD #501 is Horn Silica or Horn Feldspar (for you with sand in your shoes) requires a 1-hour stir. It is best is to spray it into the air on a windless day from sunrise (not before) to mid-morning – before 8AM with a temperature not above 72. (Stewart Lundy’s & Troy Teets comments on shadows (see above) rings true).

WHAT SORT OF WATER TO USE? Enzo Nastati says there “are basically three kinds of water. The water that descends, the water that rises, and the water that flows. What kind will you use for the 500? Spring water. Well water if it is not too deep. When a well is more than 100 meters deep that water is full of darkness.” If you must use municipal water, let it aerate for a day to off-gas the long-lasting disinfectant called Chloramine (chlorine & ammonia).

FEEL COMPELLED TO DO MORE? Hugh Courtney also suggested following up the prep sequence with milk and honey. Having a land flowing with milk and honey is a Biblical idea that implies a countryside rich in nourishment for the whole human being, both physically and spiritually. Since milk is related to calcium and the soil, the milk potency should be sprayed in the evening on the soil. As for honey, it is related to the silica activities of the daytime and should be sprayed in the air in the morning.

CHALLENGES WITH COVID-19. I think our leaders sorta get it -  “As we come together as a country to address this public health threat, know that USDA remains committed to working closely with industry to fulfill our mission of ensuring the safety of the U.S. food supply and protecting agricultural health. Food is essential all year round, but in the face of a pandemic it is critical the shelves remain stocked and supplies remain plentiful. America’s farmers and ranchers, and those on the front lines in the foodservice industry will be doing their part” (it would have been a great time to push home gardens as the recent stock market crashes takes us back to the WWII/1940’s days of 20 million victory/market gardens - but that is pretty cutting edge stuff ). Audrey Hepburn said it best, "To plant a garden is to believe in a better world." Just imagine – shoots in 7-14 days, microgreens in 21 days, and salad in 28 days.

A most curious quote from the 2008 book End Of Days by Sylvia Brown p.312 “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all know treatment. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will all of a sudden vanish as quickly as it arrives, attacking again ten years later, and then disappear completely.” Farming communities already shoulder a lot of risks, and the economic turmoil resulting from COVID-19 is an added stress at a time of year when many farms and ranches are seeding, making investments, and gearing up for the growing season.

For many small and independent farms, closing down is not financially feasible and a slow season can spell disaster. Necessary measures to contain the spread of disease is now in full swing. Crowd controls & restaurant/business closures mean the loss of  important revenue. We can expect hardships within communities including our nation’s farmers and food service workers, the 10% of our population who are food insecure, and the free meal options for children due to the school closures. To support their communities, farmers are getting organized by donating produce to food pantries, sharing their resources and engaged in the work and support of community building. These are challenging times that call for community action and solidarity. Farmers are once again asked to be willing, giving, and open to shouldering yet another demand. For example, Georgia Organics is working closely with organizations such as Food Well Alliance, Community Farmers Markets, and many more for ongoing conversations about how we can collaboratively and thoroughly support our farmers and their businesses with tactical market solutions.

COMMUNITY/SOLIDARITY -In Steiner’s lecture “Awakening to Community” (Lecture IV) “something was taking place that almost amounted to flight from the life of the present into a different kind of life built on human community, a community where people could live in a way they felt in their souls to be in keeping with their dignity as human beings.” The power of unity in farmers seems to be easier to speak of than adapted. This from the Jan 1923 issue of The Farm Journal - Ought More Farmers Make More Money “Farmers are practical, always honest, clean, faithful, full of sunshine and gumption. As long as farmers control 30% of the vote of the nation, they need make no political bargains and fear nobody.”

PREPARATIONS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE US FROM: Hugh Courtney – Woolwine VA; JPI – Floyd, VA; Stewart Lundy – Accomac, VA; Zinniker Farm– Elkhorn, WI; Biodynamic Source – Carbondale, CO; S&S Homestead Farms – San Juan Island, WA; Harold Hoven – Fair Oaks, CA;

Much thanks for the input of this article from Hugh Courtney, Stewart Lundy, Micheila Mathew, Troy Teets, BD Association, Enzo Nastati, Young Farmers.org, and The Farm Journal.

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