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Trauger Groh 1932-2016: A Memorial Tribute

July 31, 2016

JPI takes this time to remember and give special recognition to Trauger Groh who died on July 27, 2016.

Trauger Groh

Trauger is known around the world for his pioneering work in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). He first learned about CSAs and land trusts while working at Buschberghof in Northern Germany. Then he partnered with Lincoln Geiger and Anthony Graham in 1986 to establish Temple-Wilton Community Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire - one of the oldest continuously operating CSAs in the United States.

Trauger is also known for co-authoring two books with his long-time friend, Steven McFadden, entitled: Farms of Tomorrow in 1990, and Farms of Tomorrow Revisited in 1998. Over the past 26 years, these books have been translated into German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. And they have earned the trust of thousands for their practical instruction as well as sound economic, philosophical, and spiritual advice on how to establish and operate CSAs.

At the time Farms of Tomorrow was first written, there were only seven known CSAs operating in the United States. However, according to Table 43 of the most recent USDA Census of Agriculture, that number grew to over 12,600 CSAs in 2012 and has received continued projections of growth.

In addition, URGENCI - The International Network for Community Support Agriculture - shows that CSAs (known by different names in different languages) are now also present and growing in Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Without a doubt, the roots of the CSA movement have grown deep and wide over the past decades - despite the fact that small farms are continuing to decline in number. And truly, the success of this movement is built on the "community support" of thousands of farmers and communities who have come together to pioneer this new social and economic model of farming.

We take this time to honor the life to Trauger Groh. He was one of the early pioneers in the CSA and biodynamic movements in the United States. He was also a true visionary and one of the first to articulate the many core ideas that make CSAs such a healing force for the land, plants, animals, and mankind - now and for the future.

Whether you have met Trauger or not, whether you are part of a CSA or not, we believe at JPI that we all owe him a debt of profound gratitude. Because of him, community supported agriculture and the biodynamic movement are stronger. And because of him, we have a more solid base of knowledge and experience upon which to move forward and bring the healing and sacred role of agriculture to others.

To learn more about his remarkable life, please read Trauger Groh: Agrarian Adept written by Steve McFadden.

"A healthy social life is found only,
when in the mirror of each soul
the whole community finds its reflection,
and when in the whole community
the virtue of each one is living."

-- Dr. Rudolf Steiner, The Fundamental Social Law


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