2017 Associative Contracts (AC)
for JPI Preparations

NEW: Beginner Pfeiffer Associative Contracts (For One-Acre or Less)
CONTINUED:  Standard JPI Associative Contracts (For One-Acre & Up)

Sign up by March 31st to receive AC discounts and benefits.
And help JPI to meet your biodynamic preparation needs.

Associative contracts hold an essential role in JPI’s preparation production and distribution. Over the past three years alone (since we moved to Floyd VA), JPI has produced and sold over 100,000 units of biodynamic preparations to over 2,500 practitioners of regenerative agricultural practices. This volume of service requires planning, and associative contracts help make this possible!

Associative contracts for JPI preparations are similar to the economic concept and associative relationship of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Biodynamic practitioners support the yearly work of JPI by planning ahead and contracting for their preparation orders (available at discounted rates for different acreage levels). And in return, JPI plans its preparation-making and distribution schedule in advance, thereby assuring that individuals and businesses with associative contracts will have the biodynamic preparation they need at requested spring and fall delivery dates.

The final due date for receiving an associative contract discount is March 31, 2017.

The 2017 Contract Form and Information Sheet for (Standard Associative Contracts and the new Beginner Pfeiffer Associative Contracts) are available at the bottom section of this webpage.

Please call our office (540-745-7030) with any questions you might have. JPI will work to meet both the preparation and financial needs of its customers including larger farm operations, market gardeners, or growers with special needs.


Benefits of the Standard Associative Contract:

  • Assured Spring and Fall Preparations delivery
  • 10-20% discount on preparation prices
  • Access to free phone consultation on the making and using of biodynamic preparations
  • Associative Contract partners will also receive a discount on the annual subscription to the JPI periodical, Applied Biodynamics: 

— Print $20.00 (instead of the regular rate of $30)
— PDF/Online $10.00 (instead of the regular rate of $20)

Spring Delivery includes:

  • One set of Biodynamic Compost Preparations (BD #502-507)
  • One unit each of BD #500 (Horn Manure), BC (Biodynamic Compound Preparation a.k.a. barrel compost, Thun recipe), and BD #508 (Equisetum arvense/horsetail herb) for each acre in the contract
  • Two units BD #501 (Horn Silica) for each acre in the contract

Fall Delivery includes:

  • One set of Biodynamic Compost Preparations (BD #502-507) treats 1-15 tons of compost
  • One unit each of BD #500 (Horn Manure), BC (Biodynamic Compound Preparation), and BD #508 (Equisetum arvense) for each acre in the contract

Fees (& Discounts) for Standard Contracts:*

  • Over 1 Acre – $ 95.00 (10% discount) Includes standard shipping
  • 2 Acres – $138.00 (10% discount) Includes standard shipping
  • 3 Acres – $172.00 (15% discount) Includes standard shipping
  • 4 Acres – $213.00 (15% discount) Includes standard shipping
  • 5 Acres – $249.00 (20% discount) Includes standard shipping
  • More than 5 Acres (20% discount) Please call for your shipping fee.* SHIPPING:  Most orders are shipped Priority Mail unless we are directed otherwise. If so, then JPI will bill contractee for actual shipping charges. Orders valued over $500.00 are delivered via FedEx with additional shipping charges billed accordingly.


Benefits of the Beginner Pfeiffer Associative Contract:

  • Pfeiffer products have a shelf life of one year (as long as they are stored in a dark, cool place away from electrical fields)
  • Single units of the Pfeiffer products may be divided for use on smaller areas making it more economical
  • Pfeiffer products do not require stirring
  • Free one-year trial subscription to Applied Biodynamics as a PDF
  • 10% discount on any other biodynamic preparations ordered throughout the year
  • Saving on shipping with one shipment by combining Spring & Fall Preparations

Pfeiffer Associative Contract includes:

  • Two units of Pfeiffer BD Compost Starter
  • Two units of Pfeiffer BD Field and Garden Spray
  • Two units of BD #501 (5x) Horn Silica pre-potentized
  • Two units of BD #508 Equisetum arvense/horsetail herb
  • Free PDF Subscription to Applied Biodynamics

We encourage you to order one of our planting calendars when signing up for your Associative Contract. You may also want to order a unit of BD #507 Valerian for spring and fall frost protection.

Fees & Shipping Information:

The fee for a Beginner Pfeiffer Associative Contract is $88.00 including shipping — regularly a $107.00 value.

The preparations will be sent in one shipment to save mailing costs since they have a shelf life and do not require special storage in glass or ceramic surrounded by peat moss.

How To Sign Up for An Associative Contract: 

The 2017 Associative Contract Form is available here: associative-contract-form-2017

This form can be used for both Standard and Beginner Pfeiffer Associative Contracts.

The 2017 Associative Contract Information Sheet is available here: associative-contract-2017-info-sheets

Completed Associative Contracts can be mailed in, faxed, or e-mailed as an attachment.  Or you may also phone our office to ask questions and to sign-up with a customized plan.

Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics
201 East Main Street, Suite 14
Floyd VA 24091

OFFICE HOURS (M-F): 8am – 5pm
Telephone: (540) 745-7030
Fax: (540) 745-7033

Remember the final due date for receiving an associative contract discount is March 31, 2017.

Thank you for partnering with JPI through an associative contract. Thank you for helping to heal the earth through the use of biodynamic preparations.