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Dear JPI customers and supporters,


JPI is part of a visioning movement to create a vivid picture of the future of Biodynamics in North America as we approach the one hundredth anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic lectures stimulating the worldwide  Biodynamic movement.  It would be very helpful to hear your opinions about the future of our movement from the perspective of users and supporters of the biodynamic preparations, from biodynamic farmers, gardeners, viticulturists, orchardists, and animal husbandry operations. Some of you are long term practitioners and some are brand new.  But all of you are important to biodynamics and its continued growth.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to let us hear your voices.



Pat Frazier,

JPI Board of Directors




We want your voice as we build a​ ‘vivid picture’ for the biodynamic movement in  2024!

Since January, leaders in the United States biodynamic movement have been engaged in a collaborative process to create a shared vision for the future. This ‘vivid picture’ will highlight what success means for the movement as well as the roadmap of how we as organizations and individuals committed to a biodynamic future work and act in concert.

Through a series of focus groups with 60 individuals from across the movement this spring, we have identified some key themes which will form the basis for this vivid picture. ​

Now we need your voice: what do you see as most important for the biodynamic movement as we look ahead?

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Your input will help us identify what success looks like for the movement and how we can get there together. ​Our goal is to hear from thousands of people in the biodynamic movement in  the next two weeks.

Please take 10 minutes to complete the ​survey​ today, and forward to your friends and colleagues in the movement. ​The survey closes ​Sunday, July 8​.  

We will share and discuss this emerging vivid picture at the ​November 2018 North American Biodynamic Conference​ in Portland, Oregon.

For more information about the Biodynamic Movement Visioning Project, please see our ​Frequently Asked Questions​ and recording of our March 2018 ​Introductory Webinar​.


Thank you for your participation, from all of us on the Biodynamic Movement Visioning Convening Team!

Thea Maria Carlson, ​Biodynamic Association

Elizabeth Candelario, ​Demeter USA

Pat Frazier, ​Fellowship of Preparation Makers​ and ​Josephine Porter Institute

David Byrnes, ​Yellow Barn Biodynamic

Steffen Schneider, ​Hawthorne Valley Farm​ and the ​Institute for Mindful Agriculture