Position: Office Manager

This position is part of the Administrative Offices of JPI, and reports to the Administrative Director.

The general office functions of JPI are managed by the Administrative Assistant under the direction of the Administrative Director. Other responsibilities such as payroll, bookkeeping, tax documentation and reporting, as well as the annual 990 are handled through external consulting services.

Job Duties:

Customer Service:

·         Interact with the biodynamic community on a regular basis

·         Provide clear communication of JPI’s mission, vision and core values

·         Answer incoming phone calls, emails and fax

·         Consult with existing and prospective customers in a timely fashion

·         Forward advanced biodynamic questions to experienced staff members or through the consultations email

·         Manage annual Associative Contracts

·         Read appropriate trade journals; stay informed biodynamic practices. Interact with the larger biodynamic community at conferences, workshops, seminars and trade shows.

Orders and Shipments:

·         Download orders from the website & receive phone orders throughout the day

·         Process orders and invoices on the website and in Xero, print shipping labels through website

·         Relay orders for Packing and Shipping

·         Ensure all mail and orders go out complete and in a timely manner

Fiscal Management:

·         Process weekly deposit for checks and cash

·         Oversee Accounts Payable and Receivable

·         Aid the Administrative Director in the collection of delinquent accounts

·         Record payments for accounts receivable

·         Process bank statements as they come through, usually paid within a week of receiving them

·         Assist accountant with monthly reports, prepare statements and reports for accountant

·         Assist Administrative Director and CPA as needed, to file the annual 990

·         To comply with JPI’s Fiscal Policies & Procedures

Inventory and Supplies:

·         Order all books for storefront and website orders

·         Order all office and farm supplies as needed

·         Advise Prep-Maker on upcoming large orders

·         Assist in ordering Preparation supplies

Staff Relations:

·         Assist the Administrative Director in the development of office policies and procedures

·         Train new contract employees on office procedures and policies

·         Ensure office area is clean and neat

Outreach and Education:

·         Oversee bulk mailing for yearly projects

·         Assist Administrative Director in planning and packaging for on and off-site conferences

·         Assist in hosting attendees and participants at on-site workshops and volunteer days

·         Help create a positive image for biodynamic agriculture in general and JPI’s farm specifically

Assistant to the Administrative Director:

·         Assist Director with coordinating all organizational functions (marketing and sales plan; newsletters; inventory and supplies; and insurance)

·         Assist with planning the Annual Board Meeting

·         Work with the Director, staff and customers to resolve issues

·         Assist in projecting current and future office needs

·         Identify and communicate problems to the Administrative Director


Please send your resume or any questions to, or call into our office at (540)745.7030